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Hi! I'm +Megan and I'm obsessed with Captain Swan. This entire blog is dedicated to Once Upon a Time, especially Emma Swan and Captain Hook aka Killian Jones. Thanks for checking out my blog!

 off to Neverland


I don’t think Regina’s enjoying being the kid sister…


I haven’t been myself since we’ve returned. I should have realized the reason why…

"It is your chance. Better take it now. This is your girl. She can save you, she can worry you back to life. She will take looking after and you will grow strong to do it. But take her now- tell her and take her away." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

If True Love can break any curse, then couldn’t Killian and Emma kissing cancel out Zelena’s curse?


captain hook + feelings for emma swan


make me choose
↳ anonymous asked: captain charming or defan

What girl gets to love a true pirate- Jennifer Morrison.

Reblog if you’ve loved Captain Swan since Emma told Hook about her special power in “The Doctor”.





People who think CS is underdeveloped or happening too fast need to see the show again from this scene on